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Do you have a Dad or another male adult family member that would love to be a member of the Indy Riders 4-H Barn Crew?
As long as they're at least 21 years old, they can join our barn crew.

Their responsibilities would include:

  1. Participate in a leader background check through Purdue University
  2. Participate in a short one hour leadership training course provided by Purdue University
  3. Work at Indy Riders events providing security and a presence for our youth.
  4. Provide general labor for any 'building' and/or 'repair' projects we do.

If you or a family member can meet the above responsibilities, please come join us to learn more about our Barn Crew.

If you have any additional questions please contact Mike Bruner (317-439-8984) or Steve Cheh (317-902-0399)

Indy Riders 2014 Barn Crew